I created a site. Then created a subdomain to mirror the site. Then the client changed their name and I registered a new domain. However the subdomain I built the CMS and database in is no longer accurately named.

Question: Will simply changing the dns for the new domain to the existing incorrectly named sub.domain yield the correct site?


It sounds like you have:
example.com, where you installed the site
sub.example.com, which mirrors example.com

And now there’s:
newexample.com, which you want to do what?

Editing DNS records isn’t going to help. I’m not exactly clear what you’re trying to accomplish, but DNS is tied to a specific domain and isn’t going to make it look like it’s another domain.

Why not create another mirror?


ok, let me try this again.

I created a domain called chagrinfalls.net

Then a subdomain called chagrinfalls.dreamhosters.com which is complete and ready to go live.

I know that when I throw the switch (DNS change to it will then go live.

The name change is a separate url that I need to have resolve to the same location. Would you recommend doing that with httaccess?

Or what? Your help would be appreciated.



I think I get it:
chagrinfalls.net is where the content lives
chagrinfalls.dreamhosters.com is a mirror of chagrinfalls.net so you can test it out.

Now the client wants to use example.com instead of chagrinfalls.net.

The easy way is to Mirror so that chagrinfalls.net shows up as example.com

The right way is to create a Fully Hosted example.com as the same FTP user as chagrinfalls.net. This will create an example.com folder next to the chagrinfalls.net folder. To finish up, you’ll have to update any references to chagrinfalls.net so they’re now example.com.

Rename the example.com folder to example.old, and then rename the chagrinfalls.net folder as example.com. For completeness, you can rename the example.com folder as chagrinfalls.net, but you’ll probably be deleting it anyhow, and maybe even make chagrinfalls.net a Redirect (not a mirror) to example.com.

This will break the mirror, so you can create a new one as example.dreamhosters.com, or delete the chagrinfalls.dreamhosters.com and then make it a Redirect to example.com.

The right way is a bunch of work, but if you’re going to settle on a domain name, then that’s where everything should be hosted. Mirrors aren’t search engine kosher, as you’re disguising the true source, which is why I suggest a Redirect.