OK. I’m going nuts. Maybe someone can straighten me out…

I setup a “dreamhosters” domain with DH, with the ultimate goal of replacing our existing Yahoo domain, which was pretty sad. I used joomla, and it took me about 3 months to get my head around it, but it’s now up and running.

I changed the dns settings to point the existing domain to DH, and I mirrored the dreamhosters domain to the “proper” domain. So far, so good, people who go to http://fpccwakefield.dreamhosters.com see the same stuff as http://www.fpccwakefield.com.

Now, where do I do my development work? Does it matter?
I ask because set my home page to the proper domain, and login, and I don’t see certain pages that I expect to see. If I go to the dreamhosters domain, those pages appear?

And is there any quick and easy way around this foo?

If I had realized this in the beginning, I would have just shut the thing down for a week when I was ready to go live…


A mirror is more like masking the original location, so you need to edit your original installation. The wiki explains this process:

The first step was to create your real domain (even if not live) and do your installation there. THEN you create a dreamhosters domain that mirrors your real domain. There’s no quick and easy way to undo this if you did it in the wrong order, but it is possible.


Thanks. Yeah, I screwed up. Live and learn.

So, my next question is, what about my users - if they login to add content, do they need to login to the dreamhosters to add content?


OK, so I just went to the dreamhosters domain, added a link to the main menu, cleared my local cache on my browser, cleared the joomla system cache, and logged in to the “proper” domain, and the link isn’t there. Shouldn’t it be there?

From the wiki:

A mirror domain can only "mirror" an existing account at DreamHost, as it is merely a server alias. A mirror domain is a "mirror" only in terms of address aliasing; it is not a physical mirror and there is no content duplication involved. Neither is it a "cloaking" or "domain gripping" facility: for this, you want a Cloaked Domain.
This just means that in the server’s Apache config file, it created an entry called yourdomain.dreamhosters.com that pointed to your directory. The Mirror just adds an alias line to the same config entry.

An update to your site should take effect immediately. I’d think that the steps you took should have shown you the change on the proper domain. For another test, does a change on your proper domain take effect immediately on the proper domain? Then does it show on the dreamhosters domain?

Another suggestion would be to go to your Joomla configs and change all URL references to yourdomain.dreamhosters.com to yourdomain.com
Just don’t change any file paths that point to yourhome/yourdomain.dreamhosters.com

Here’s the wiki entry on mirroring:



Here’s what I’m thinking…

The website is still in it’s infant stages, not a lot of people using it. Could I:

  1. Delete the mirror
  2. Create a new joomla, seperate, joomla installation, using the proper name
  3. While adding content, set the maintenance message to point to the dreamhosters domain
  4. When done with adding content/config on the proper domain, delete the dreamhosters domain

Would that work? I just want this thing to be as clean as possible, and I don’t like what I’m seeing.

Starting from scratch is the way to go. The Joomla Site Offline option just displays a simple message. Why not just leave it at that while you’re developing?

Once you’ve got your Real domain installation up and going, change the dreamhosters domain to be a Redirect instead of Fully Hosted.


How comfortable are you on the shell command line? You could do some directory renaming and some simple text file editing and fix it all, but if these things are hard for you starting over might be best.

Essentially, what you are talking about doing is moving an exsisting Joomla site, and there are ways to do that (and even some very in-depth discussion on these forums about how to do it). Just out of curiosity, what host did you use for your Joomla! databse (a something.dreamhosters.com or a something.yourdomain.com)?


If it’s a one-click install, then it’s most unlikely he could use one-click for upgrades. As I recall from the original post, he’s trying to keep it simple. Since it’s a newly developed site, it may be easier to reinstall than to migrate.


If it is a “one-click” and retaining the ability on “one-click” upgrade is important, I agree completely! :slight_smile:

It probably would be easier for him to just reinstall! Sorry for “butting in” :wink: