Mirroring o moving

Here is the problem: I have a .ws domain (junkysoftweb.ws) and i want to host it with my actual dreamhost web. How can i do that?

I try with the Reg. Transfer in the panel, but it did not work becose only acepts .com, net, org or info domains.

Should i create a new domain, like: anything.org and mirror ir to my .ws domain or how?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

The easiest thing would be to add it as a domain through your DreamHost control panel and then change the nameservers via the control panel (or support request) at your original registrar’s site. You need to put the following as the nameservers:

You can read this article on the DreamHost wiki. You will be “Transferring your Domain Web Host”, NOT “Transferring your Domain Registrar”.

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