Mirroring issue?


Yesterday I was trying to set up a temporary URL for a site I was working on, thanks to information from Dreamhost support (setting up mirroring), and now that I have the domain pointed to Dreamhost, the .dreamhosters.com temporary address is being added to the URL when I try to log into WordPress, so that I end up redirected to http://justiceforalex.com/justiceforalex.dreamhosters.com/wp-login.php

I have removed the mirroring, and deleted the sub-domain all together, but still have issues.


before you disabled the mirror you needed to log into your wordpress admin and go to settings ==> general and change the wordpress address and site address to your domain name.


I installed on the justiceforalex.com domain, but was never able to get into the admin panel, thus never changed it initially to the dreamhosters domain.