Mirroring email

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is possible:

I am using Google apps for one of my domains, but I would like the emails to also go to my dreamhost server.

has anyone done this before?
is that possible?

You’d have to set up Forwarding in Gmail. These are two separate entities, so you can’t mirror.


how about if i mess around with the MX and server domains?
i have the domain hosted at dreamhost, but the registration is with godaddy.

Would it be possible for the registration to point to 2 MX servers? google’s and dreamhost’s?

A mail client or server is not going to talk to two servers at the same time to deliver the same message to the same recipient. It will pick the first MX record and go with that.


It’s possible with their paid section. You would setup the dual delivery in the PostIni setup.

But you have to pay. It’s 50 dollars a year for each user. You can’t have 1 user paid, and 10 users unpaid. It’s 11 paid users.

There’s a 30 day free trial.

Otherwise, it’s not possible.

thanks for the info.

thanks for the reply.