Mirroring before DNS switch

I thought this would be simple but I am having trouble.

I registered with Dreamhost, logged into my FTP (barker), and uploaded a bunch of files into the directory “mywebsite.net” that was there by default. I then set up up the mirror by adding a subdomain in the panel and choosing “mywebsite.dreamhosters.com” to mirror mywebsite.net.

I waited twelve hours, and all I get at mywebsite.dreamhosters.com is “address not found.” I tried switching my computer to use ns1.dreamhost.com as the DNS server. Still no luck.

So I feel that I have exhausted http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DNS_-_Viewing_site_before_DNS_change. What am I doing wrong?

Propagation would likely have taken place by now. Can you supply us with the relevant URLs?

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Support has just pointed out that the dreamhosters.com subdomain ought to be fully hosted and then mywebsite.net ought to be a mirror of that. Oops.

I disagree with this approach. First, the wiki says you need to create your domain first, then use dreamhosters as a mirror. Second, the wiki approach is the “right” way to do it, since you need to configure your site to work under your domain, and not as a dreamhosters domain.

What’s your domain?