Mirrored subdomains not working?

I’m a new dreamhost customer and am transferring over an existing domain form another host. Since I don’t want to make the DNS switch without knowing that everything works ok on the dreamhost side, I’m trying to set up a mirrored site at lilybugtest.dreamhosters.com, as it suggests to in the kb.

This hasn’t worked for days upon days now - I signed up on Monday, uploaded files to dreamhost servers, and set up my mirrored domain on monday as well, and STILL can’t access it.

Does anyone know if there are others experiencing this issue as well? I have followed the instructions to the letter, with no luck, and support seems to be MIA (I’ve had an open ticket for nearly two days now).



What happens when you try and connect to the mirror you set up (whatever.dreamhosters.com) - what error message do you get?

And just to double check, you uploaded your files vai machine.dreamhost.com and put the website files inside the yourdomain.com folder?


hi lilybug,

I’m having exactly the same problem, I’m usually pretty hot on solving such things but I’m very new to the DH panel (I’m moving over from a h-sphere setup) and find it a little, ermm, unsophistcated at times!

I’ve added my main domain as a ‘fully hosted’ domain. I then added another domain which is set to mirror my main domain. I’ve uploaded all the files to the server, to the correct place, but my subdomain is still inaccessible via the browser.

I’ve checked lilybugtest.dreamhosters.com and I see it’s online, WHAT DID YOU DO??!?!?!?



hi jon,

getting my subdomain to work required a little patience – apparently someone had set up a subdomain entry that was too long in the dreamhosting system when I was trying to set mine up which caused all sorts of problems.

your best bet it to get in touch with support and see what happens…I feel your frustration - once the subdomain was working properly, everything went SUPER smoothly with my transfer.

Good luck!