Mirrored sites Question

I have a friend who has two domain names registered under a different registrar (not Dreamhost). I am supplying the hosting for one site and he wants the second domain name to bring up the first site content but still have the second domain name in the address pane.

Is there a way for me to do that through “Manage Domains” section of the control panel, or does he have to do it at his end.

I say he has to Mirror the site through the domain settings at GoDaddy. He says there should be a setting at the hosting end to accomplish this.

If it is done at the hosting end can someone tell me where to go in the control panel to do this.

Thanks for any help

Finally Found my answer, he was right, I have to make the change

Although I’m still not 100% sure what to do the make the change, it appears this needs to be set up when the hosting is added and I hope I figure out how to change it without too many headaches

You could accomplish this by (in GoDaddy) pointing both domains to DreamHost name-servers, then (in DreamHost) add both of those domains to your Control Panel. The first will be fully hosted, then mirror the second domain to the first.

You might have some issues with this if you are using WordPress or Joomla or other CMS, since those have a set domain they use for creating links and such. But nothing that cannot be worked around with a little creative thinking.