Mirrored site simply redirects?


I have 2 domains on one DreamHost server: domain A is fully hosted, up and running as the production site; I want to set up domain B as a mirror site because my team fears that certain countries censor and block A because of its domain name, and we need a mirror rather than a redirect.

We set up the mirror relationship under “Manage Domains”. But when I enter B in the address bar, it gets redirected to the original domain A. Per our understanding, a “mirror” site (like domain B) should keep the its domain name, and therefore this looks like a redirect rather than a mirror.

Does anyone know whether we’re missing something here? Thanks! If you message me I can give you our domains to try out.

did you try redirects first? your browser will cache a 301 redirect. Restart your browser or try it in privacy/incognito mode

Thanks bobocat; no, there was no previous set ups for redirect. We also tried accessing the site from multiple computers.

Actually, does anyone have an example of a mirror site set up with DreamHost? That’ll set our expectations straight. Thanks!

works fine for me. just tried it. i’ll pm you with an example… hmm apparently pm are not allowed anymore.

anyway, i set one random domain to mirror another in the panel and it works fine. domain A is displayed, but content from domain B appears.

maybe you have something in your .htaccess in domain B that checks for request_uri and rewrites the url to site B?

Thanks for all your help; actually B doesn’t even have .htaccess

Well, it works from the panel. I would investigate your app then. Perhaps there’s a setting that is redirecting to your canonical address? Maybe you have a CNAME record in your DNS settings misconfigured? You could just manually set a CNAME from B to A and that should work. I think that’s all the panel does. Otherwise, contact support.

http://leniparker.net <==site
http://leniparker.com <==mirror

this is an old site so you can’t really do anything however the one page to the chatroom you will see if you go to http://leniparker.net/chat and http://leniparker.com/chat both work so if you type each address directly it will appear as two different sites with both having the same content. all of the files are on leniparker.net, the fully hosted domain. on the dh control panel under manage domains the .com address is listed with dns|visit and for web hosting it says mirror with the option to edit|deactivate mirror.

Thanks guys; appreciate it!