Mirrored Site on Two DH VPS Servers

I have two VPS servers here at DreamHost. (Well, I will once I get his working, right now I’m in my free first week) The second is set up to hold a mirror image of the content in the first.

I want to set up DNS so that both VPS’s respond to the same dns name. For example, DNS would have A records for:

www.domain.com > VPS #1 IP
www.domain.com > VPS #2 IP

I can get the DNS set up, but the Dreamhost Control Panel won’t let me host the same domain name on two different servers. I am not an Apache man (IIS is my thing, but this is just for hosting some large multimedia files for a popular podcast), and the general tech support here at DH gave me a little direction:

[quote]DH: I see, well the Dreamhost system doesn’t allow the Domain to be setup on two different servers, but what you can do is simply copy the httpd.conf file from one VPS to the other

ME: so i can’t send “all traffic” from the ip of the server to a site on the server?

DH: not using the Dreamhost panel to control it, you could do that making custom changes to the Apache configuration file on the VPS but we don’t support it through the panel

ME: do you even know the filename i’d be editing so i can do some research?

DH: sure /dh/apache2/apache2-ps38089/etc/httpd.conf

ME: and do i get to that through ftp then or what?

DH: you’ll need to use an Admin user and the connect using SSH (the shell)

DH: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ssh


This is over my head. Does anybody know of a complete walkthrough that might help me out, or perhaps want to just help me out live because you’re such a nice person? :slight_smile:



Hi you may use Filezilla in SFTP(SSH File Transfer Protocol) to get that file and then re-upload it. I’d suggest not sharing your SSH username or password with anyone else unless you know he’s trustworthy. It’s the most basic and powerful way to access your account. Might I ask what you are trying to achieve through this? Load balancing?