Mirrored site...now what?


I am in the process of switching an existing domain over to dh, and transferring the domain to dh as well. I changed the dns settings on the existing domain to point to dh, and I’ve setup mirroring on my “dreamhosters” domain. I am noticing that sometimes I am getting the “new” site, other times, the “old” site. I expected that, but I do have some questions:

When I need to change my site, should I do that on the “dreamhosters” domain, or the “production” domain? Was the mirror a one-time switch, or a permanent one, meaning that if I change something on the dreamhosters domain, it will automatically show up on my production domain.


The mirror is more of a transparent redirect to your production site. If you followed the wiki, you would have created a fully hosted domain for YOURDOMAIN.com, and then mirrored it as YOURDOMAIN.dreamhosters.com.

Any changes you make to YOURDOMAIN.com will show up in YOURDOMAIN.dreamhosters.com.


OK. I created my dreamhosters domain first, since the other domain was still in use on a different webhost. I created the production domain and mirrored it to the dreamhosters domain. Is that what you are saying? I’ve also changed the dns settings on the production domain to now point to dh dns servers. Does that sound right?

Doesn’t sound right. If you set up YOURDOMAIN.com first here at DreamHost, but don’t update your DNS, then it won’t interfere with your production site. Do your installation at YOURDOMAIN.com here, and then mirror it as YOURDOMAIN.dreamhosters.com. Here’s the Wiki link if you haven’t seen it. It has detailed instructions and nice diagrams (except their example incorrectly shows YOURDOMAIN.dreamhost.com).



Thanks. Unfortunately, it’s to late for that. I created the YOUROMAIN.comf first, as it already existed on another webhost. So, I created the DREAMHOST domain, and now I’m ready to go live. Support told me to mirror the DREAMHOST.com domain to the YOURDOMAIN.com, but now I’m getting very paranoid that this won’t work.

It’ll work, but it’s not the cleanest way to do it. Just put it on your ToDo list for when you have too much free time on your hands.