Mirrored domains to include sub-domains


Hi there!

Quite simply I have a domain I’ve set up with a number of sub-domains, for example blog.mydomain.com, photos.mydomain.com and so-on.

However, I’ve also set up a .co.uk domain to be a mirror of the .com address, but this does not appear to include the sub-domains.

I’m wondering, is it possible to configure my .co.uk domain to fully mirror everything under the .com domain, for example by creating a suitable CNAME record (or similar)? If so, how exactly should I configure it?

Or alternatively; is this a bug with my current mirroring, i.e - should sub-domains be mirrored as well already and I’ve somehow broken it?



No, there’s no way to mirror domains “recursively” like that. You’d have to mirror each subdomain separately.


If search rankings make a difference to you (i.e. google) you might want to use 301 redirects rather than mirrors. Duplicate content gets penalized.


Okay, thanks for the replies! I just thought maybe I’d missed something =)