Mirrored domain question



Hi All,

I am going to be helping someone create a new website that will be hosted with Dreamhost. Their current site is hosted elsewhere and the domain registered elsewhere. I plan on setting up the new WordPress site, testing everything, and then making the DNS change. It looks like I can use a Dreamhosters mirror domain for this, but I want to make sure I understand the process. Any feedback would be helpful. Here’s my understanding of how it works:

  1. Add hosting for the domain (we’ll call it XYZ.com)
  2. Setup WordPress and associated database at XYZ.com
  3. Add a mirrored domain – XYZ.dreamhosters.com
  4. Make site changes – create pages, modify the theme, etc. – at XYZ.dreamhosters.com mirrored domain
  5. Once everything is setup the way I want for the new XYZ.com site, login with the current domain registration service and point the DNS servers at the Dreamhost hosted files/new site
  6. Delete the mirrored domain

Is this correct? Anything missing? Also, just to be clear, when I’m logged into XYZ.dreamhosters.com WordPress site, I am actually working with/modifying the XYZ.com theme files and database, correct? For example, if I upload an image to the WP media library, it’s actually being uploaded to the XYZ.com MYSQL database.

Thanks, in advance, for your input!