Mirrored domain newbie question

I posted here a couple of weeks back to say that I had registered a new domain and in the meantime wanted to work on the Wordpress install before it became active.

It was suggested that I should create a mirror so I created this:

Set up the site fine using this and now that the main domain is now active, I want to switch it to the proper one. I’ve clicked on ‘remove’ on the mirror domain, but now when I view the main one (comphealthclinic.co.uk), I can see the text/images of each page but it’s like the theme and any Wordpress features aren’t there. Also I can’t login using comphealthclinic.co.uk/wp-admin - page not found.

Am I doing something really stupid here? Do I need to activate the main domain somehow? thanks.

Update: I have re-enstated the mirror so that the main site is displayed OK until I can work out how to do this (is currently working).

Can anyone please help?

Did you update the information in your wp-config.php to reflect the domain name change?

Hi Ryo-ohki, nope I’ve never amended this myself ever - I have downloaded it and I don’t see any references to the domain in there, just database parameters.


Ok log in to admin section and you should see settings on the dashboard. Update wordpress url and site url

Sorry do you mean the Dreamhost admin section, or the Wordpress admin (dashboard) - I can’t find this option in the Dreamhost panel site or under the Domain settings.

the wordpress admin

Right, but as I mentioned above, I can’t get to the Wordpress backend ( /wp-admin) login page on the main URL - it’s as if it’s not there

i believe that you have to make the change in WP admin before you make the change on the server.

you did say that you could access your wordpress information fine through the mirror. that’s what you need to use and update the settings.

Yup I could before I switched the mirror off, but not afterwards - I know see why! I didn’t realise I would need to change some settings before I switched it off!

Sorry folks, total newbie here but I now have it working on the main domain name fine so will switch off the mirror.