Mirrored domain doesn't properly redirect HTTPS requests

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I would like to discuss with you https working for mirror domains. It was said that http should be not working for mirror domain, however we have hosted domain A on Dreamhost with two other domains B,C, both mirrored to A. For one of them https is working and for the other not. Any suggestion to help how to set https working for the other mirrored domain?

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It would help if you specified the domains so we can check… If for some reason you want to keep them secret, can you please clarify exactly what you mean by something that is working or not working? Include the type of SSL certificates you have, server logs, sample curl output with the full redirect responses, and anything that may help understand what’s going on.

Okie no problem. thinkcreatix.com is the main domain. Mirror domains are

creatix.sk - for this domain works https
creatix.us - for this domain doesnt work https

We would like to have https working also for creatix.us. Is that possible? Or why it is working for creatix.sk and not for creatix.us?

Thank you!

How did you configure the mirroring? How are the websites organized at DreamHost? The DNS for one of the domain is managed by Bluehost, another by hover.com … I’m not sure what’s going on.

A mirror in DreamHost panel is a DNS alias: since DreamHost doesn’t manage those DNS records I am not sure how it can do any mirroring at all… The KB article I linked says:

You must ensure that the DNS records for the domain that is mirroring the real website points to DreamHost.

but I’m not super familiar with that functionality either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

More details, please? :slight_smile:

Please see attached screenshot how is configured mirroring for creatix.us, creatix.sk

We changed DNS records only, not nameservers.

Also we ensured the DNS records for the domains that are mirroring the real website point to Dreamhost. All domains have Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

creatix.us is the one that is not aliased properly, right? How is creatix.sk configured?

Yes creatix.us is not aliased properly. It works fine with http but not with https.

Attaching here also screenshot for creatix.sk

and for thinkcreatix.com

I just checked https for creatix.sk and it works correctly now. What did you do to fix it?

Yes for creatix.sk it works fine, but for creatix.us still not.

Please have a look below:

this was puzzling me so I asked my colleagues in Support to check things and they found the error! It turns out that on the domain creatix.us the user of http service is different than the user of https. So to solve this, change the user running https for creatix.us to be the same user as the http service and you should be fine.
Go to the panel, find your domain, click on ‘Https On’ and change the FTP user:

making sure it’s the same user as the other domains. This should solve the issue.

Super, it works! Thank you very much!!

Just sidenote, it was said to us from helpdesk that mirror domains cannot be run on https, so glad you helped us to find a way!

Thank you Stefano

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