Mirror Site Problem

I have two domain names that I want to point to another. In other words, if someone types myname.com and myname2.com, I want it to take them to thisurl.com. I set this up, but I get an error, “Site Temporarily Unavailable” and error id: “bad_httpd_conf”. The two domain names I want to mirror thisurl.com are registered by a different host than Dreamhost. Is there a way to make myname.com and myname2.com to point to thisurl.com?

Use a redirect; not a mirror. Mirrors are bad, Google-wise. And you can’t mirror a site that’s not hosted here at DreamHost.

Thanks! That’s actually what I wanted to do, but I’ve been out of web designing for a while, and I’m just getting back in the saddle. :slight_smile: