Mirror site doesn't display html pages

Hello - I’m following the instructions for setting up a mirrored site before I switch the DNS of an existing site that I want to host on dreamhost. I set up the mirror site - http://triptrop.dreamhosters.com, to mirror http://www.triptrop.com, which I’ve created on dreamhost, but have not yet switched the DNS. I’ve uploaded all my data to the right location.

When I go to triptrop.dreamhosters.com, I expect to see my site mirrored from the data hosted on dreamhost. However, it doesn’t seem to want to display html pages in Firefox. For example, navigate to http://triptrop.dreamhosters.com/index3.html, which is a very basic “Hello World” page. In Firefox, it asks me if I want to download it. In IE, it actually displays ok. So I can’t tell if this is a firefox problem or dreamhost???

If you navigate to http://triptrop.dreamhosters.com/index.php, that displays just fine.

Any ideas???

UGGG! Here’s an idea - CLEAR THE CACHE, DUMMY!!! (That’s me talking to myself)… Please disregard my previous post