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New here to dreamhost and follow the wiki on, but if possible still need some more help. Once I point the living domain to my dreamhost server I want to be able to view a site (shuftipro) while working on it. Through the Control Panel, I added the domain, and all of my files are in the /home / user / mysite. com folder-which, I suppose is right. I found that the only choice I have to do when trying to follow the wiki in terms of mirror information is as follows,
Create the mirror at: mysite. com Mirror this site: existingsite. com

The existingsite. com is just a live site sitting on the same server space. Is there something I’m missing here? Probably a newb mistake no doubt :slight_smile:


even I am also having this issue vlc vidmate

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Mirroring You must link an existing site to a domain. It means that on one screen you can mirror. It’s that. Existing. com and mirrorsite. com both point to the same space on the server.
If you want to create a development site , you probably are talking about 2 installations.
In this case, a quick and dirty trick I use is to create a development subdomain, dev.existingsite.com and fully host it. You normally get a /home/user/dev.existingsite.com folder with this. When your site is fully ready, you can edit your fully hosted existingsite.com and point the web directory to dev.existingsite.com . A better way is to SSH in and move the files.

The settings page contains an option to copy files. Nonetheless, live aid is pretty good for dreamhost. That’s definitely something they’re going to answer.

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