Mirror before DNS Switch

Hello All,

I’m finally tired of jumping through hoops over at 1and1 so I’m switching over dreamhost.

I’ve followed the directions in the wiki,

  1. Setup fully hosted site jwwicks.com
  2. Mirrored the site at jwwicks.dreamhosters.com
  3. Uploaded a basic install of Joomla 1.5.15 etc…

Waited till this morning to allow the mirror to become active but jwwicks.dreamhosters.com doesn’t seem to work

Am I missing something…


PS: Using the Hosts file trick worked but still wondering why the mirror isn’t working without it?

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Try a second mirror like jwwicks2.dreamhosters.com and see if that works. It would appear that it’s a DNS issue, and since you don’t have access to dreamhosters.com DNS, that’s my best bet. And submit a Support ticket for the original problem. I’m sure they can track it down.