Minimum web traffic needed before including advertising

Would some webmasters who have successfully created websites with paid advertisements please provide some guidance as to how much web traffic is required to actually earn some revenue.

As a webmaster who has only created a few hobby websites I am curious just how high the bar may be to create a new website that would generate enough traffic and revenue from paid advertising to at least pay my monthly DreamHost account fee.


for a mature online shopping cart, 3-5% conversion rate is already considered as a good one.

The amount of traffic you’ll need to make a site self-sufficient on Google AdSense can vary widely depending on the types of ads your site attracts and your visitors’ CTR (clickthrough ratio). As a general rule, though, sites with high-quality original content that attracts relevant advertising will fare the best. Some topics tend to attract higher-paying advertisers as well; however, your best bet is always to focus first on building a good web site which visitors will find useful or interesting.

I was also looking for help gauging my sites value for paid ads.

I have a live lake erie cam based site that has been in the wild for a few years now.
It’s in the top search results when using the core description of the site.
Hits are ramping up slowly.
In 2008, About 1500 unique visitors per month and 4500 total visits per month.
In 2010, About 4000 unique visitors per month and 16,000 total visits per month.

I know this is small apples but can I still make any profit?

I would like to find some paying advertisers.
I went out publicly in the past to people that have business that would fit the sites demographic, I got some nibbles but nothing solid.

let me know if i should post anymore info here to help with my goal.