Minify (eliminate render-blocking javascript & CSS) Options with Dreampress?

Hi All,

I’m trying to improve the Google pagespeeds on my site and one of the suggested items is to “Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content”. I understand there are many possible plugins which can do this, but any recommendation on which one will NOT interfere w/ Varnish Cache?


Honestly, I’d advise you to ignore that item. It’s difficult to satisfy for sites that you didn’t build entirely yourself, and doing so will typically only shave off a few milliseconds from your page’s load time.

If you’ve completely resolved every other potential loading time issue on your site, and you still want to get that last 1%, it may be worth looking into. But for most sites, it’s not worth pursuing.

I see. I’ve only got 2 major issues on my site…images & the blocking javascript/CSS stuff. I’ve improved my images as much as I can with EWWW. Sadly, there’s not much more I can do since my blog is very image-heavy. So, the blocking javascript/CSS is the only remaining item.

If I did want to pursue it any recommendations on which plugin might be best?