Minecraft Server on Shared Hosting


Hey folks,

I want to try and stick together a small server 2-3 people at most,
just wondering if this is at all possible on shared hosting or if I would have to look at VPS…


Not possible on shared hosting. Minecraft is a network server, which we don’t permit on shared hosting; additionally, it requires much more memory than is available to customers on shared hosting. I haven’t kept up with development much lately, but my understanding is that it typically requires at least a gigabyte (1024 MB) of memory on a VPS or dedicated server to run well.


Thanks Andrew,

What’s the going rate for the cheapest VPS you guys have?


Our absolute cheapest VPS is 300 MB for $15/month, but that won’t be enough memory to run a Minecraft server. The pricing is $0.05/MB/month, so a gigabyte of memory will run you about $50/month.


Ouch, even translated to sterling that’s a bit much for a 2-man server…
I guess it’ll have to be self hosted then.

No probs, thanks Andrew :slight_smile: