MindTouch DekiWiki, is it possible to use on DH?

According to the info at MindTouch you can install their Deki Wiki on a VPS, which DH now has of course.

I chatted the DH tech support and was told that while they thought it was possible, I should see if someone in the DH community might be willing to install it for me.

So I’m looking for someone trustworthy who would like to take a crack at this.

The install instructions are pretty step-by-step. Once installed, who is going to maintain it for you and make changes? If you’re already set to take the plunge into VPS, why not try to install it yourself? You can post here if you need help, and if all else fails, then start looking to pay someone to do the work.


What kind of maintenance were you referring to? If you just mean who will be adding to it and making new content, I have a small community ready to use it.
If you mean that it requires some sort of special back-end maintenance, do tell, I wasn’t aware of this.

I haven’t taken my own crack at it yet, this is true for two reasons. One being that I know my level of knowledge in this area, and it’s quite low. Two is that DreamHost themselves, after assessing my knowledge, recommended I ask the community.

But yes, if I can’t find anyone willing, I’ll likely end up paying someone, or wishing I had the finances to do so anyhow.

Maintenance includes updates and configuration changes. Now is an excellent time to build up your level of knowledge. Building the site yourself is the best way to learn about it. The good news is that you can give it a shot and wipe it out if it fails miserably.

As long as someone else is administering the site for you, you’re at their mercy and hopefully they’re rock solid. Should they part ways, you’re left with the challenge of figuring out what they did, or find someone else willing to pick up where they left off.


Ah, you mean updates and settings? Nah, I’m pretty sure I can handle that, unless they have some really complicated system to do those. Even if they did I could just stick with an older version in a lot of cases.

I’m actually very familiar with hosting Wordpress sites, so if there is any similarity there I should be ok in that respect.

Thanks for your input. :slight_smile: