MIME types

My guess is that this needs to be something set by DH admin people:

A site I’ve just ported across from another host (which was running Windows servers), has a number of Windows Media files for online listening.
These are referered to by metafiles with an .asx extension (similar to Real Audio ‘.ram’ files).

But this is not working on the DH account (the contents of the metafile are being displayed rather than the target file playing).

Can someone help me with fixing the MIME type for this?

The domain concerned is http://emu.mu - but I would like this enabled for all the domains I host…


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz

Posting here isn’t a good way to make this happen.

Contact customer support (via email or from the web panel) and request that this be added.

Have just done so…

Thanks Will.

Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz