MIME Types Question


I’m working with Java (JAR/JAD) Files for cellphones and found something I don’t quite understand.

Looking at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/MIME_Types
It states that the Jar Files are set to “applicaiton/java-archive”, but when I try to download OTA I was getting an error “OTA Error Code (38) - The server did not hava a resource with the correct type (code 406) or the JAR downloaded has the wrong media type. [text/plain]

Now I was able to fix this by editing my .htaccess file, and adding
"AddType application/java-archive jar"

After this it worked correctly, but is the WIKI wrong on the default setting for JAR Files ?


It is more complicated than that. While DreamHost does try to “standardize” their server configuration, keep in mind they have hundreds of different machines now, each with their own separate list. Mine does indeed return application/java-archive.

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