I new with that… So, I have a website in another hosting company and I would like to come here.

What’s matter with emails? Am I going to lost all the posts that are waiting for download from server?

Note: pop3 & smtp servers are down since 26 hours ago… That’s the reason why I must to change.

Good reason to move to DreamHost if your old hosting company email has been down for 26 hours.

If your old hosting company is currently bouncing email then the sending server will keep trying for up to 5 days (depending on sending server configuration).

So if you move to DreamHost, you would change your domain nameservers to those of DreamHosts and after a period of propagation your email will start to arrive at your new host.

There will be a period until DNS caches around the world are updated when you could receive email at both locations.

DreamHost have a wiki that you can look at at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Main_Page

You may also find this page of interest.



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note that the emails in your old email server will not be transferred to the new server. They will be still kept in the old email box.

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