Migration To VPS - Everything Gone! Dreamhost Support Where Are You?


Where are you? I submitted my ticket; requesting a callback. Nothing. All my sites are down, Account Tests Failing, Can’t SSH or SFTP into anything! Hellllooooo?[hr]
May I also say that paying for call-back and live chat when there is NEVER anyone on live chat and the call-backs don’t come is annoying!!! Dare I say I need to smack myself for not realizing they only have a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee – NETWORK…UGH.[hr]
53 minutes & 35 seconds…still waiting.[hr]
Hopefully they will get to it faster than my MySQL request which pended in open/unanswered status for over 12 hours… :([hr]
There comes support to the rescue. Still no call back, but I see systems coming online.