Migration put us out of business

Been on with tech support throughout the weekend and again today about the migration from the LAX data center (where we were hosted) and the new one on the east coast.

Biggest ‘cluster’ I’ve ever witnessed and we are out of business.

Since I cannot blog about this and send a link to the post to Dreamhost CEO Simon Anderson – since my blog is also hosted at Dreamhost so it is down – I instead wrote this public Google Doc and tweeted him the link (to @DreamHostSimon): http://goo.gl/DMPe2

Has anyone else had significant disruption issues during this so-called migration? Do you know if you are in the LAX data center and not yet moved? (For your sake I hope not since Dreamhost’ characterization of “inconvenience” means your site(s) will be down!).

Hi - we have no website either but assume it’s a Wordpress issue rather than data centre, but as no one has responded to me yet from Dreamhost I don’t actually know. We are also not able to trade, and this isn’t the first time we’ve lost our site - we went with Dreamhost as they were supposed to be reliable, but we are very concerned.

Hopefully someone from Dreamhost can actually explain what is going on.

Apparently they had a hardware crash and MySQL issues in their eastern data center. If you are in the LAX data center in Los Angeles, it’s likely your site is being migrated and that’s why you are down. Or you’re in the eastern data center and it’s down. Either way they continue to be fairly unreliable IMHO.

sborsch, just in case you didn’t see, Simon’s seen your post, and left a comment.

I’m very sorry to say that we did have an issue this morning. You can read the details on our status blog: http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2012/12/17/network-maintenance-for-us-east-datacenter-maintenance-to-resolve-mysql-issues/

If you’re still having problems, please open a ticket with us so we can help you as fast as possible. :frowning: We hate these sudden connectivity snafus too!

Damn this flat earth. Someone should build a spherical version.

Yes, they broke a complete dedicated server when trying to move someone who didn’t ask anything !!!

I have had significant issues since the migration. I have 4 domains that I operate. Businesses. For over a week since this migration if a page loads at all it takes over a minute. It takes several days for support to get back to me. This was an unmitigated disaster.

Flawless they said :slight_smile: