Migration from Iweb

I use IWeb to create my website. Apple will no longer support IWeb— discontinued as of April 2012. While using IWEb-- dreamhost — hosts that particular site–because of the domain name. Do I need to do anything so that it continues to run seamlessly. Mind you, the files were and are parked in IWeb on my mac account…? or… does dreamhost already have a copy on their server – a copy of all my files it hosts for me?

It depends on how you have been using iWeb. You could have uploaded your files to dreamhost, or you might be using dreamhost as a domain registrar and actually are just pointing the domain name to Apple’s me.com (which is what I suspect). Go here in the panel and see what is listed for the domain. In the Hosting column does it say ‘fully hosted’ or something like ‘DNS only’?