Migration from Exchange

Just a quick question. I recently migrated my email users off a Exchange server (2003) to the existing POP3-IMAP Dreamhost provides. I am curious if there is a way I can drag and drop or command line the .pst information (emails and folders - sent-draft-etc) into the IMAP. Or will I have to do this via Outlook? (drag emails from offline inbox to live IMAP inbox…)


I beleive copying inbox messages from pop3 to imap would place all emails onto the server. This I would not think would be a very secure way to keep emails. I would think it would be best to leave all old emails alone. Just change to imap only if you can’t get pop3 to work. The Dreamhost email accounts support pop3. If you have Norton this porgram only supports pop3.
Just something for you to think about.

Whenever a person comes to where I work using outlook on their laptop I do the following to get the emails onto the imap server.

Install Thunderbird, run thounderbird, set up a pop account and tell it to import all the mail from outlook.

Now setup an IMAP account (in thunderbird) and drag the mail to the server.

Thunderbird and Outlook are essentially the same thing.

From what I’m seeing, about the only way to do this is via the email client - export out of the old OST/PST into the IMAP folders.

As for security: what is the difference between hosting emails on an IMAP server or an Exchange server… why is keeping your email on an IMAP server insecure? The whole point of IMAP is accessability. (I don’t want to run the route of installing Thunderbird onto a portable USB stick and keeping everything on there via POP3 to access it.) I want to be able to goto any box anywhere and access my complete email… isn’t this the POINT of IMAP??? This is the first I’ve ever heard of it being ‘unsecure’

because when emails are on the server they can be deleted after so many days. I am sure there is an option somewhere on the server to disable deleting emails, but failure to do so will cause emails to disappear. Besides an email account on the server is usually limited to 50mb while pop3 is only limited to the size of your hard drive.
If you prefer imap, disreguard what I say, I am only giving advise on the differences.


Considering I’m the only person that uses my account, I disabled the delete feature, and space is not a concern (I think I have 19200.000 MB). I believe that Dreamhost simply MOVES emails from your inbox into an archive.inbox etc…, but best of my knowledge (and correct me if I’m wrong so I can go back to the Exchange system) doesn’t delete emails from there…