Migration disaster

The migration to the new data center has been a disaster! Until this time I had been a happy customer. Since the migration, my sites are either down or so unbearably slow loading that it may as well be down (over a minute for a small page to load). I have been trying to deal with support but at one point it took 4 days to get a response. I can see that many other folks are having the same issues I am having. You’re gonna lose my business (and I must imagine a lot of other unhappy customers).

We sincerely apologize for the slowness.
Unfortunately, I am unable to give you exact details about your server since I am unable to find your information.
If you can provide me with a domain name or account number I’d be happy to look into it.
That being said, we have been having some issues with our server moves and our admins are working diligently to get the servers stabilized.
Of course this is no excuse for this to be affecting you or any of our other customers.
I’ll see what we can do, all I’ll need is that information I asked for above.
Thank you so much for your patience.