Migration Check

Domain name is www.bergencountyaudubon.org. Presently, we have access to the domain name (which is unlocked). I have created a new website hosted at DreamHost at www.bcaudubon.org. I want the new site migrated to www.bergencountyaudbon.org hosted by DreamHost.

Are these the two steps?

  1. Convert (in the dashboard) new site from bcaudubon.org to bergencountyaudubon.org
  2. Connect domain name on poweryourname.com to new site on DreamHost

If so, how long does step #2 take?

Your question is confusing, maybe there is a typo, did you mean to mention 3 different domain names?

If you mean you developed a site using a temporary name, and now you are wanting to switch it up so it’s running off the permanent name, then are a few more steps involved.