Migrating Wordpress from another server

I need to migrate a Wordpress (WP) site from a different host to Dreamhost (DH), and have the backup file form there.

I tried to read as much as I could at DH, including http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Move_WordPress_to_DreamHost, and also got a couple of tech support ticket answers (more confusing than helpful), so thought I’d try this forum instead.

My previous misadventures have left me with:

  • my backup file from my old host;
  • a one-click install of WP in my main (‘fully hosted’) domain at DH;
  • a subdomain that ‘mirrors’ the old URL (this was created per previous instructions, but seems useless.)

I am able to FTP into my main domain at DH, and can see the 1-click WP files installed there. I can also see the subdirectory for the subdomain.

However, the DNS still points to my old site, which I want to keep working until the new site at DH is working. My questions are:

  1. how can I access my new site at DH? What would be the URL? Or is this even possible?

  2. what should I do with the old backup file? It’s one big tar file that unzips a bunch of subdirectories. Should I just unzip it in the root directory of my DH ‘fully hosted’ domain? Or the subdomain? Will this include the database files?

  3. I have no qualms about deleting my DH files and starting completely over. Have done that a couple of times already as it is…

TIA for any help!

  1. You can totally access your new site, but you have to use our dreamhosters domain - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/WordPress#DreamHosters

  2. The main thing you need from that old backup is what’s in wp-content/uploads (that’s all your uploaded images)

Did/do you have a copy of the database? Is that also in the backup?

Actually, you just need to upload all your old website files to DH space and import the mysql backup as well to complete the migration. To test if it’s working perfect, just open your local hosts file and point your domain DNS to your DH server IP. That’s all~~