Migrating Webmail to GMail

I have successfully switched to using GMail from Webmail for all of our e-mail accounts, but the option of using POP from GMail to import the old messages from the Webmail Inbox is not working.

GMail will not allow me to setup to retrieve from another account with the same e-mail name. Of course, the old messages are stored under the same e-mail name because I migrated each address to GMail.

How do I access the old Webmail messages?

Do I need to use an alternate version of the old e-mail addresses? Maybe something like username@domain.dreamhost.com?[hr]
Ok, I have learned a few things via experimentation.

  1. You have to specify something different than your old e-mail address when you start setting up “another account” within GMail. GMail recognizes the duplication and prevents you from proceeding.

  2. You specify the correct e-mail address by typing the entire e-mail address as the username.

  3. As someone that is hosted on the homie cluster, the instructions told me to specify homie.mail.dreamhost.com, but that didn’t work. Instead, I had to be more specific with homie-sub5.mail.dreamhost.com.

Once I made these three adjustments, the process worked perfectly.

Thank you thank you for this post. I burned a couple hours yesterday trying to get the gmail POP3 to work. Knowing that mail.mydomain.com is not the way to put in the mail server was all I needed to know.

I so wanted to thank you for sharing your finding, that I registered just so I could reply and thank you.



That’s very cool! I’m glad my post was not simply lost in the giant bit bucket we call “the internet”.