Migrating users between servers


So, I have a subdomain foo.example.com, which is currently running on the same VPS as my root example.com. The subdomain is owned by a separate user, and now I want to move the subdomain to a new VPS. This is all very well and good, there’s even the “Move files to the new user” option.

However, the subdomain gets quite a bit of traffic. So I have a few questions:
[]Does “move” mean “copy” or will this remove the files from the old user?
]How long will it take to move all the files?
[]Does the switch happen immediately after all of the files have been moved?
]Will the site be down at any point, and if so, for how long?
[*]Is there any way to move the user as well, rather than creating a new user with a different name?
My final question is: To avoid any unknowns, would it be worth my time to just create a new user, move (copy) everything myself and then change the subdomain to point to the new user?


I can answer question 1 and 6.

1- Move does mean copy, not ‘move’, kinda funny a *nix based company would use those words wrong and not make a simple text edit to fix it after half a dozen people ask that question in some form or the other version, why are my old files still there?

6- That’s the route I would take.