Migrating to PS - Users and Domains


I recently signed up for DH PS (woohoo!)

But after receiving an email several days ago that my files would be migrated- nothing has changed.

All my users and domains are still on the shared server.

Does anyone have experience migrating? Did you let DH happy migration robots do the choir, or did you migrate files yourself?

( I tried moving a domain by creating a new user and checking the ‘copy files to new user’ checkbox, but that broke my test site)

PS, private server, migration, move, domain, user


So after some more research I found out two things.

1 - The checkbox for user migration is broke. The result is a root owned folder that the user can’t access

2 - Using rsync is a quick and easy way to move the files (2 gigs < 30 minutes). This requires each domain settings to be edited to point to new user.


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