Migrating to Dreamhost


I have an existing Dreamhost account with one domain active (a Wordpress site/installation), and I’m so happy with Dreamhost that I wish to move another site I have inherited to here too.

A current website outage of ONE WHOLE MONTH and only generic ‘it will be fixed soon’ answers to emails aren’t exactly great reasons to stay with the other hosting company, their own support site is also currently broken too so I can’t login to change any settings for the domain.

So, if I have an existing DH account, can I add another domain/database/Wordpress installation to it (under the same price plan or pay extra?) or do I need to create another DH account to do this & sign up for a year etc?

Once I have the site re-created on DH, what do I need the other hosting company to do - change the nameservers to DH’s and pick them up here?
Is this process what people call ‘transferring’?



Dreamhost’s standard plan(s) allow for as many domains/sites as you want without paying extra. You may hit resource limits if your sites use up an unreasonable amount of resources of a shared server, but I hardly think you’ll run in to that with two average sites.

All you need is to get your domain’s nameservers to point to Dreamhost’s nameservers.

You can also transfer the domain names to Dreamhost, but if you do that, change the nameservers first, so that your site will work uninterrupted during the transfer. (Assuming you’ve already set up hosting the site on Dreamhost.)


Awesome - thanks. Both are pretty low volume sites so this should work just fine.

I’ll start recreating it here using a dreamhosters.com address, the biggest problem might be to get the domain transferred!


While I admit that the procedure does appear daunting, it really isn’t that complicated if you follow the step properly (at least not for the standard top level domains like .com, .net, .org):

You can wait with that until after you’ve got the hosting set up and working here.


Thanks, I have done this before, but what I mean is that something very weird is going on with the company that hosts the site at the moment - website gone for a month, can’t login to change nameservers etc, their own support site is broken and they rarely answer emails :frowning:


Sounds pretty bad… makes sense you’d want to move everything.

I hope it works out for you without too much trouble.


You may want to consider transfering your domain registration to anywhere else, while you’re at it, so if you ever need to change DNS in the future, you don’t have to worry about them.