Migrating sites from different provider

I’m moving a couple sites from a non-Dreamhost provider to my Dreamhost account, and I’d like as little downtime as possible. I’m also upgrading the database and wordpress versions at the same time, so I’d like to get things set up here and most of the data migrated first before changing the domain registration.

Is there a way to set up a test domain here, and then move the domain and have it use the same directory as it’s root? Remap subdirectory doesn’t seem to bee what I need…will the Mirrored function do this?

Thanks very much!

Or actually, looking at it a bit more, it seems when I set up the domain I can specify a different directory under the base user account. So I can just set up the data and applications at /home/username/migrated_website under a placeholder domain, and then when the domain is transferred over, I point it at the migrated_website directory, make any changes in the configuration files, and I’m good to go, yes?

This works well, and is similar to what you’re thinking of. The placeholder domain would be EXAMPLE.dreamhosters.com