Migrating from wordpress.com to wordpress.org using Dreamhost



Hi all!

Was wondering if I could get some help with migrating a wordpress.com blog to Dreamhost. What I am trying to do is switch from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I bought a .com domain from wordpress.com and I think that’s what’s confusing me!

So far I have:

  • Created a blog on wordpress.com with a .com AND .wordpress.com url

  • Created an account at Dreamhost

  • Installed wordpress through one click installation using Dreamhost. I installed it at the SAME url as the .com I have registered through wordpress.com which seems to have muddled everything up?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated :slight_smile:


Awesome! Your next move would be to log in at wordpress.com, and use the “Export” tool for your blog there: http://inv.lv/N43VUb

Once that’s done, while you’re still in your account at wordpress.com, you can edit your domain registration to point to our nameservers for hosting! Our nameservers are ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, and ns3.dreamhost.com.

It will take some time for that change to propagate; don’t panic if you can’t reach your site right away. Once you’re able to reach your domain again, it should be resolving to our servers, which means it’ll show everything you have set up here so far. You can complete the installation from there, and then use the “Import” option outlined in the wordpress moving instructions.
If there’s any trouble on our end, please contact support directly (http://bit.ly/2lwt5e) and we’ll be glad to help sort things out! :slight_smile: