Migrating from Squirrelmail to Gmail

Has anybody done this successfully? After experiencing some “unexplained” errors with our email addresses I decided to make the switch to Gmail for Domains. Getting everything migrated is turning out to be a bear though.

One user has been Squirrelmail 100% since the beginning and Gmail’s handy “Get mail from other accounts” feature only seems to affect the Inbox. What about few hundred emails in the Sent & Drafts folders? After a lot of Googling it sounds like the only way to achieve migration of Sent emails is via shell. I’ve looked at the Wiki on E-mail importing http://wiki.dreamhost.com/E-mail_Import but it seemed like either steps are missing or it presupposes knowledge that I do not have. Maybe the fact that DH recommends that their users switch to Gmail makes me assume that it should be an easy process. Yet in DH’s wiki about Gmail it says “You should download any mail you have on DreamHost mail servers before you make this change!” yet provides no links or instructions on how to do so. I know there are a lot of possible methods for migrating to Gmail based on current method of accessing email and specific user needs… but why suggest a service and then provide no info on how to achieve the first step in migrating there?

So can anyone tell me if shell is indeed the only option to export sent Squirrelmail to Gmail? If so, does that wiki link make sense to you? Which method should I follow? Any help would be great. Thanks everyone!

After all these years of dealing with SquirrelMail, we are looking at transferring to Google Apps, too.

The WIKI is insufficient help. A description for migration would be something we would appreciate, as well. Help, please?

This may be an old thread, but one that was not answered.
I am also in the same boat as the first poster, and wondering if a solution has been found?

As far as I’m aware it is still necessary to setup domain email accounts at GMail “by hand”.

You can use IMAP to sync each account onto a local computer (if for no other reason than to have verifiable backups of all accounts during the move). Once all email and folder structures are on a local PC you can then sync the local structure to GMail using GMail’s IMAP option.

Thunderbird is a good email client for a task such as this.

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