Migrating from Shared to VPS


Hello smart people!

I currently have my site on a shared server and opted to enable a VPS. I guess I was under the impression, however, that all of my content on the shared server would migrate over to the VPS. It appears, though, that all of my content and user accounts are still on the shared server.

Is there any way to easily move all of the files and configs from a shared server to a VPS server?

Thanks in advance!

  • Anthony


I think the idea here being that the VPS is in addition to your shared space.

I’ve seen andrewf mention they have a few tools for this, I would contact support and see if they can be of assistance.


Actually, now that my VPS is installed, I see this option:

ps***** - (cancel) - (migrate all shared users/domains)

Thanks for the reply! It got me looking at it in more depth…

  • Anthony


Anthony, how long did it take for the automated process to complete? I’ve been waiting for about 10 hours and I don’t see any progress.


The amount of time involved can depend on how much data we have to move. If it seems to be taking way longer than you’d expect, write in to Support — they can check up on the progress.


Thanks…I didn’t expect it to take that long for two sites and about 3 GB of data. I’ll open a ticket with support.


Hi Joshua,

Actually it never completed for me. I had to do it manually by creating another user and rsyncing my files over. In theory the DreamHost GUI has an option to change what server a user is on and move the files at the same time, but the movement part never completed for me.


When things don’t work right you should let support know so they can checkout the problem and get it fixed.