Migrating FDSE and testing before DNS repointing?

I’m at my wit’s end, and as they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I’m migrating from Brand X to Dreamhost. As soon as my scripts work, I’ll repoint the DNS servers.

I’ve been trying allllll dayyyyy looooong to get FDSE Search to work from my DreamHost website.

I put the scripts in a “cgi-bin” directory that I made in my Web directroy (like they are in Brand X’s servers), thinking there should be nothing in the HTML that need be changed. That is probably a mistake, but who knows? I don’t.

I followed Zoltan’s (at FDSE) directions for moving FDSE, making an ASCII FTP copy and then ASCII uploading to the new Dreamhost server. I don’t have Telnet access to Brand X, which is one reason I’m moving.

I used SSH to login and setperms for FDSE, which was successful according to the logs.

Because the DNS has not been repointed, I access my homepage with my browser, Safari, from "ftp://myusername:mypassword@cuteservername.dreamhost.com/mywebsite.com/index.html

A test search gets this:

"Safari can’t open the page “ftp://myusername:mypassword@cuteservername.dreamhost.com/cgi-bin/search/search.pl” because it could not load any data from this location. Notice that my web directory is missing from the path.

If I try to access the script directly, inserting my web directory into that path, it just downloads the script.

How can I test the scripts via my website before I point the name servers?

Do I need to create an alias to my home directory? If so, how exactly do I do that?

After hours of this, I’m cranky and confused … thank you for your gracious assistance.

G’day, rebby.

It should be ok to do that–even though on DH servers, it is not necessary to install CGI scripts into a separate ‘cgi-bin’ directory. FDSE runs fine for me; I have the script installed into a subdirectory, ‘search’, in my web directory.

I am no expert, but I wonder this is due to your requesting the script via FTP. I’d also check the file permissions again, refer to appendix 2 of the FDSE installation guide.

There is a thread on viewing sites before DNS propagates which might be helpful to you.

All the best -

G’day, marsbar!

I’m aware of the cgi-bin not being necessary. Perhaps it should have put it somewhere else?

The FDSE permissions I set using their setperms.pl so they should be perfect, as long as the perms on the enclosing folders are correct.

Dear marsbar,

I “read” the thread and can’t make head nor tails of what they’re talking about. I have no trouble accessing specific HTML files on the Dreamhost server using my browser. But the CGI won’t work.

I’ll try moving the fake “CGI” folder.