Migrating Email


I’ve copied the names of the current email accounts onto dreamhost and was hoping I could just connect to both the old webhost email server, and the dreamhost mail server in entourage. Then select the email in the old mailbox and drag it over to the dreamhost mailboxbox thereby transferring all email for that mailbox.

My problem comes when trying to access the account via entourage.

I’m using mail.dreamhost.com as the incoming mailserver but it comes back with authentication failed. Yes I’m using SSL to connect.

Is there a way to connect to dreamhost mailserver via entourage before the DNS change/propagation. I guess the alternative is to download all mailboxes via POP3 from the old mailserver. Wait for the DNS to propagate to dreamhost and then connect to the new account and upload the mail.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


First, you want to modify your message to delete your password – or just change it immediately. You do not reveal your passwords to anyone! Didn’t you realize that?

You should file a support ticket for help for email troubles. It IS a drag and drop process with Microsoft Entourage. You use IMAP for each account, make sure you recreate extra folders, and sit back and wait for it to happen.


Thanks for the heads up. I copied and pasted that from my support ticket a little too quickly…
How can I connect to both mailservers via IMAP if there’s no way to access the new dreamhost accounts before switching nameservers?


Switching nameservers won’t prevent you from accessing your old email account. Your email is configured with an mx record.