Migrating domain

I have a WordPress blog set up in a sub-domain which will soon need to go live at the proper domain. The domain is currently registered and hosted elsewhere.

I have set up the domain at DreamHost and have a ftp account. I can do an install of WordPress under the domain and that will generate a new MySQL database.

I can ftp the WordPress files that I have changed to the new domain folder (theme and plugins mostly).

But how do I transfer the MySQL database across, do I backup the subdomain database then restore it to the new domain database?

The database will contain URLs that point to the old subdomain that need to be edited, there is a WordPRess Search and Replace plugin that will allow me to change the URLs.

Then how do I test it is all working, is it possible to access the domain before the name servers are updated to point to dreamhost?


Database transfer can be done directly:

Previewing your site:

Wordpress is pretty good about URLs. Paths are another issue and you’ll need to fix the paths in the wp-admin panel for Settings -> Misc.