Migrating domain to outlook.com

Anybody else using their domain with outlook.com? I’ve been using it to administer my Google apps email, but I like it so much that I want to go ahead and transfer over the domain. Right now it doesn’t update instantly because it fetches from Google Apps mail.

This is what domains.live.com says I need to do:

To set up mail and prove ownership of this domain, you must create an MX record through your domain registrar. Use the following settings:
•DNS record type: MX
•Host: thomasamos.com
•MX server: ad4761a0093cc24681b5fc551d1ddb.pamx1.hotmail.com
•TTL: 3600 or 1 hour
•Priority: 10 (or High priority)

Now I’ve changed MX records plenty of times, but I’ve never seen this before. I’m tempted to just change the MX record and hope the rest is A-OK. Anybody else know what to do here?


That looks okay :slight_smile: It’s very similar to what you do when you set up Google Apps email manually.

FYI, you will have email downtime if you do that, for as long as it takes the MX records to propgate. I would change TTL to 1 hour now, wait a day, and then do the rest.

In Dreamhost, where is that setting? I only see the MX records.

Anyone else using outlook.com yet? I might take a crack at using Outlook again if the service is any good.

I double checked, apparently we don’t let you change TTL. (Just over 100 days on the job, still learning all sorts of stuff!)

The one thing Google really got right with their email is that you could change your old email (ie. DreamHost) forward to a you@your_domain.com.test-google-a.com address, so you wouldn’t lose emails. Maybe Outlook offers something similar?