Migrating blog from one domain to another


Hi there…

I currently have my blog hosted on a domain that’s hosted here. However, through another service, i have a domain that’s listed there. I’d like to transfer that domain to dreamhost, and have my blog hosted on that domain without losing any information, but i don’t know how to do that. Also, because of that, i no longer will need to host a site at the current domain, but i wouldn’t want to lose the e-mail address. Does this make sense? What do I do? Thanks!!


Here’s the wiki entry on transferring domains:

You can also host your email here, so set up that email address here before the transfer.

Which blog software are you running? Depending on the blog software, you can dump all your blog data, or the software may even have an option to make a backup. Then install that software over here and restore from that backup.