Migrating a website -SOLVED


I’m helping someone move their website from their own box on a static ip to dreamhost. We’ve successfully uploaded all of the directories and files from the local machine.

Our problem is that parts (not all) of the index.htm page is served and we get a 404 error when we click on a link to a local directory. Links to remote sites work fine. If we hover the cursor over one of the local links the correct path shows up in the status bar of the browser and the subdirectories do exist. I see them in the ftp client panel and I have ssh’ed into the server.

I added an .htacces file to the root directory with a followsymlinks directive but that did not solve the problem.

The site is “yrose.us

We’re new to shared hosting therefore we’re still stumbling around a bit.

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: “yrose.us” is registered with another registrar. That registrar has the domain name pointing to their own name servers.
Many thanks to Travis T. and Jennifer at dreamhost support!!