Migrating a website from a sub-domain to a full domain


I have built a full website in a sub-domain blank.blank.com when I finished I pointed my registars name servers to my host account (dream host) and created a new domain blank.com. I have two questions here.

  1. When I go to do the one click install of Wordpress it gives me an option to create a database automatically or use one of the databases I already have, including blank.blank.com. Question: Is there any way at this point to just migrate my whole site at blank.blank.com to my new domain at blank.com. If there isn’t what is the best option here? Should I just automatically have it create an empty database?

  2. Assuming that there is no way to automatically migrate the website, and also assuming that I have blank.com with an empty database, what do I need to do to migrate my complete website (in wordpress) to the new domain?



so… you say you have built a full website… is it with wordpress? if so all you have to do is go to manage domains add blank.com to be fully hosted. then via ftp or shell rename the folder blank.com to temp.blank.com and rename blank.blank.com to blank.com. before you do that though be sure to log into your wp admin and change general setting site url and the other one forget what its called to blank.com since i’m assuming the information would be blank.blank.com. you will not be able to access your wp information until you finish renaming the directory once you do it.