Migrating a site from one url to another


Okay, so I have set up a wordpress site at www.ccharmweddings.com, because I did not have access to my desired url, www.chanceycharmweddings.com until today (60 day transferring limit)

Anywho, I have completely developed ccharmweddings.com and installed backup buddy / downloaded a backup and zip of my site.

Now, backup buddy is telling me to upload those files to where I want my site to take place (www.chanceycharmweddings.com).

Anyway, I cant figure out where to upload those files to, in order to duplicate my site on the second url… help? I’m VERY NEW to all this and thoroughly confused! Any further guidance would be much appreciated! I have deleted my site on accident before, trying to do this stuff and so i am verrrrry nervous!



First off is ccharmweddings.com hosted on DH too under your account? Make sure that chanceycharmweddings.com is already set up to be fully hosted. If that is the case on ccharmweddings log into the wp admin. Go to general settings and change both the site address and wordpress address to chanceycharmweddings.com. Then via ftp or shell rename the folder chanceycharmweddings.com to temp.chanceycharmweddings.com and rename ccharmweddings.com to chanceycharmweddings.com. You will also need to go to the mysql section on your dh control panel and create a new hostmask with the domain you will actually be using and then update the wp config file with the proper one. If you plan on keeping the url ccharmweddings.com you should put a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file in the folder for it (you can just rename the temp directory to it and create the .htaccess file it’ll be fine).


I’ve made it in to the folders via FTP, but I cant seem to figure out how to rename them?

Thanks for all your help! The instructions were great!


are you using your own ftp program like filezilla (highly recommended!) or the web ftp thing? if its the webftp i have no idea as i have never used it. if you are using your own ftp program you should be able to just right click on the folder and rename it.


okay, i changed the ftp! yay![hr]
now i"m trying to upload the file… but it’s a backupbuddy zip file :o( And dreamhosters is saying “You attempted to load file with unsupported compression (application/zip). Either support for it is not implemented or disabled by your configuration.”[hr]
I trile an sql file i downloaded from my site and it did not work either, have I lost everything? :o([hr]
ugh… I"m so freaking out now nothing is showing up online anymore :o(…[hr]
I was able to upload the sql and another document, from my backup… still nothing tho


i sent you an email… i my site keeps getting the message, error contacting database connection


i replied to your message.