Migrating a number of sites - some help required

I maintain a number of websites that I plan to migrate to my DreamHost account (a Code Monster account).

One of these uses Moveable Type (www.paradox1x.org), one uses CivicSpace (www.phillyfuture.org) and others use server side includes with perl/cgi for simple guestbook functionality.

I have added a domain here for the first of these (www.hunterjames.org). Since this site already exists at my current host, what addresses do I use to browse the new site as I build it, for ftping files, and for telneting into?


As for seeing yoru work, you’ll want to set up a ‘mirror’ of that domain. Probably you’ll want something like hunterjames.dreamhosters.com. then you’ll be able to access your website and the MT interace through that sub-doain till you switch the DNS over.

As for FTP and telnet access you should have gotten that information in an welcome E-mail. But it should be somethign on the order of

machine.dreamhost.com/domain.com (for FTP and)

machine.dreamhost.com (for telnet)

If you’re not sure what machine or server you’re on check out panel.dreamhost.com > Domains > Manage > look and see what’s under the Server heading for your domain (not the mirrored one)

hope this helps.


I’m sorry I don’t understand. www.hunterjames.org is already hosted somewhere else and I want to migrate it here. I need a preview site here in order to do that. How?

Thanks for the ftp and telnet help.

Yeah, I too wouldn’t mind being able to test my sites before moving them…
eg: http://dreamhostip/mysite.com/

before I change dns servers…

First you have to have added hunterjames.org as a fully hosted domain in your dreamhost panel.
Domains > Add > Fully Hosted

Next you have to add an mirrored domain. Put in something like hunterjames.dreamhosters.com. You can used dreamhosters.com as a free service provided by dreamhost. This is an allready registerd doamin that you can add subdomains onto for what ever purpose.
Now click on Park/mirrored/redirect. Add it on to your current plan. Now select “A mirror of an other site’s content” and select hunterjames.org from the drop down menu. Clcick continue.

You should now get a confirmation message. You don’t need to worry about the DNS names as dreamhosters is allready registered. After a bit you’ll be able to go to hunterjames.dreamhosters.com and view the site content that you have added here at dreamhost- and will have no effect on or from your domain as it is on the other host.

You can also check out the Kbase for more info about this.


If you know how to diddle with your workstation’s “hosts” file (MS or *nix) then this is just a matter of getting the IP assigned to your DH www service into that file with a different name; frex, according to my DH DNS I have “www.netdcon.net” assigned on; if my domain reg had it hosted somewhere else, I would simply edit my “hosts” file to have a line that reads: dev.netdcon.net…where “dev” just stands for “development” - obviously you can use whatever tickles ya. Then it’s just a matter of using “http://dev.netdcon.net” for the test (which your “hosts” file will resolve) and leaving “http://www.netdcon.net” alone to use your current online reg/DNS.
Semi-important caveat: Once you’ve actually moved, don’t forget to back that line out (delete) of your “hosts” file.
Really important caveat: If you don’t know how to play with your “hosts” file, the balance of this post is useless.

Hi Matttail, this makes more sense to me now. I appreciate the help. Additionally, the tech staff here helped to get me started.

Thanks :slight_smile: